Reduce Forklift Accidents Risks – our Top Tips

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14 Nov by administrator

Reduce Forklift Accidents Risks – our Top Tips

A safe forklift operation is hugely important for the safety of all staff and to ensure your warehouse keeps operating efficiently – but mistakes are easy to make! Here’s our top tips for reducing the risk of accidents when operating forklifts. Stay safe when mounting/dismounting. Steps on forklifts can be fairly small and can become […]
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Top tips for keeping your forklift in perfect balance

Forklifts are an incredibly important and useful addition to any warehouse – but not properly loaded they can be incredibly dangerous. It’s vital that you avoid forklift overturns at all times – here’s our top tips. Plan your load. Don’t overload the forklift and make sure you load it with care, spreading the load evenly. […]
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13 Oct by administrator

Conducting a thorough Forklift inspection

Forklifts are a vital component of any warehouse, without a doubt. Conducting regular and thorough forklift inspections can have a huge impact on your fleet effectiveness – here’s why and how. Why bother? Forklift inspections are important because they save time and money in the long run. By checking your forklifts regularly, you can be […]
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3 Oct by administrator

Make your forklift battery last

Forklifts continue to play a vital role in the supply chain, and it’s more important than ever that you keep your equipment in tip top condition. There’s nothing more frustrating that realising the battery on your forklift has gone – here’s our top tips for maximising your battery power. Charge the battery daily. Make sure […]
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Is your forklift fleet healthy?

Forklifts are an essential part of any busy warehouse. To keep everything functioning, it’s vital that a healthy forklift fleet is well maintained – here’s our top tips. Make maintenance routine. Everyone in the warehouse should adhere to routine maintenance of all forklifts, inside and out. Routine maintenance means potentially big forklift problems can be […]