Break your Forklift bad habits today!

Forklift operators have a very important job in the warehouse and it’s important they follow all best practise to make sure they don’t cause damage or an injury. As such, if you’re a new or experienced forklift driver, make sure you leave these bad habits at home!

Do your checks! It can be very tempting, especially when there’s a long to-do list, to skip the pre operation checks to make sure your forklift is functioning properly. But don’t! Neglecting your forklift can cause problems further down the line.

Are you loading your forklift correctly? If you overload your forklift you could cause long term damage to the forklift as well as damage the load. Take your time, make sure your load is well balanced and that you’re not overloading the vehicle.

Stay alert! It’s easy to get fully focused on the task in hand, but if you’re not aware of what is happening around you, including space available and pedestrians, you could cause someone harm. Be aware of your environment at all times.

Do your training! It might be obvious, but it is vital you keep up to date with your training, even if you think you know all there is to know about operating a forklift.

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