Refresher Training


All types of truck require driver refresher training from Counter Balance to PPT.


Refresher training

FLT Refresher training is generally required every 3-5 years depending on who you work for and what their internal policies are. Regular refresher training will ensure operators:

  • maintain good driving habits
  • learn new skills where appropriate
  • reassess their abilities

Refresher training or retesting might also be appropriate where operators:

  • have not used trucks for some time
  • are occasional users
  • appear to have developed unsafe working practices
  • have had an accident or near miss
  • have changed their working practices or environment

Refresher training

The length of a refresher training course will be set by assessment of the operators to identify shortcomings and any unsafe habits which need correction. It is not, therefore, possible to advise on the length of refresher training. However, it is unlikely that refresher courses of less than one day will be effective.

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