Is it time to buy a new forklift?

Many warehouses rely heavily on their forklift trucks. Any sign of forklift failure must be spotted and acted upon to avoid any gaps in service. So how can you tell if it’s time for you to invest in a new forklift?

Forklifts typically last 5-6 years of regular usage before they need replacing. It’s worth keeping a record of when each of your forklifts arrive in your warehouse, to have an idea of when each one will need to be replaced. Working in extreme environments can reduce a forklift lifespan, particularly if you’re working in cold, damp or corrosive environments.

Here’s some signs to look out for demonstrating your forklift needs replacing.

  • Limited availability of new parts when a replacement is required
  • Increased regularity in maintenance needs and more services required to keep your forklift in top shape
  • A drop in forklift performance leading to more services and checks than before
  • Old technology that’s no longer in use on newer models

Regular training of forklift operators is also vital to ensuring your forklift is used correctly and stands the test of time.

Replacing your forklift in a timely and efficient manner is critical to ensure there’s no loss of productivity. So keep an eye on your forklift!

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