Take measures to reduce your forklift damage

Forklifts are prone to taking a lot of damage in the warehouse – and causing a lot of damage themselves! Forklifts are heavy and powerful pieces of equipment, so it’s vital they are operated effectively.

Forklifts can cause damage in different ways. Loads can fall from a forklift, and the forks can puncture or crush products. Pallets get crushed and that’s before you consider the possible health and safety implications to workers. There’s a number of ways to prevent damage made by forklifts –

  • Invest in proper lighting, to allow operators to be able to see effectively when driving their forklift
  • Make sure your warehouse is well organised, with aisles clear for forklifts to move around safely
  • Inspect your pallets and remove any that have broken planks or missing nails
  • Provide proper forklift training for operators – via The Forklift Truck Training Centre!

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