Avoid long term damage to your Forklift – Our top tips

12 Dec by administrator

Avoid long term damage to your Forklift – Our top tips

It goes without saying that forklifts play a huge part in any busy warehouse. As such a key piece of equipment, it’s vital they are looked after properly to avoid long term damage. Here’s our advice for keeping your forklift in top condition.

Adapt your maintenance schedule as required. Over the years its important to keep an eye on maintenance trends for each vehicle – by assessing the needs of your equipment in previous years, you can adapt your maintenance schedule to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Where are you keeping your forklift? When you’re not using your forklift, make sure it is kept somewhere dry. Reducing the risk of exposing the forklift to the elements will protect vital components and electrical parts, ensuring your vehicle is in top working condition for the long haul.

Look after your battery. The battery is a crucial part of your forklift and any leaks or damage to it can leave the whole forklift out of action. Check the battery regularly in a dry place to ensure you minimise the risk of oxidation.

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