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16 Jan by administrator

Prevent common forklift injuries – our top tips

Unfortunately from time to time forklift drivers and colleagues can be injured during work – but the good news is, most forklift Injuries are completely preventable! Here’s the sort of injuries most common in forklift operation – and how to avoid them. Injured pedestrians. Pedestrians can be a big hazard when operating forklifts, if either […]
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30 Dec by administrator

Most common forklift operation mistakes

Forklift operation mistakes can be very costly. Regular training and maintenance can go a long way to preventing mistakes when operating your forklift, but also having a good understanding of the sort of mistakes that can be made and their consequences is important too – here’s our list of mistakes to watch out for. The […]
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12 Dec by administrator

Avoid long term damage to your Forklift – Our top tips

It goes without saying that forklifts play a huge part in any busy warehouse. As such a key piece of equipment, it’s vital they are looked after properly to avoid long term damage. Here’s our advice for keeping your forklift in top condition. Adapt your maintenance schedule as required. Over the years its important to […]
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28 Nov by administrator

Forklift checklist for warehouse supervisors

Warehouse supervisors are busy – especially at Christmas time! With forklift operation being vital to the running of any successful warehouse, here’s a checklist of everything every warehouse supervisor needs to consider when it comes to forklift fleet management. Start with training. Make sure all forklift drivers are trained in using and maintaining their equipment. […]
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14 Nov by administrator

Reduce Forklift Accidents Risks – our Top Tips

A safe forklift operation is hugely important for the safety of all staff and to ensure your warehouse keeps operating efficiently – but mistakes are easy to make! Here’s our top tips for reducing the risk of accidents when operating forklifts. Stay safe when mounting/dismounting. Steps on forklifts can be fairly small and can become […]