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6 Aug by administrator

Top tips for material handling

Forklifts do a lot of the heavy lifting for us, which is great – but at times, when we’re busy, we can forget the basics of materials handling. Not adhering to the basics when it comes to materials handling can be incredibly dangerous – here’s a reminder to make sure you can avoid any unnecessary […]
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22 Jul by administrator

Avoid overloading your forklift

It’s easily done but highly dangerous – Overloading your forklift must be avoided at all costs. But why is it such an important thing to remember? There’s a limit. Every forklift will have a limit on how much weight it can carry, this information will be readily available via the manufacturer. But it’s easy to […]
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1 Jul by administrator

Is it time for your forklift to retire?

There’s never a good time to replace your forklift – but noticing the signs of when your forklift is on the way out could save you a lot of money in the long run. So how can you tell if it’s time to retire your forklift? Is it maintenance or repair? Maintenance checks are incredibly […]
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17 Jun by administrator

Unloading a truck with a forklift: our top tips

We all know the huge benefits of using forklifts in and around the warehouse, including when unloading goods from trucks. But if you’re not paying attention or being diligent, mistakes can happen that are both costly and dangerous. Here’s what to look out for when unloading a truck using your forklift. Trailer curtain. Before you […]
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3 Jun by administrator

Make your daily forklift check count

A daily forklift check is all well and good, but if your check isn’t up to scratch it’s not worth doing. Here’s our top tips for making sure your forklift check counts. Make a physical checklist. Possibly an obvious point, but making a physical copy of your checklist is important for making sure every part […]