Indoor v outdoor forklifts – Which is right for you?

We use forklifts for a variety of different tasks. As such, it’s vital that you purchase the right forklift for the job required. Indoor and outdoor forklifts perform a variety of different roles – so which one is right for you?

Indoor forklifts are often electric powered and perform well indoors because of their compact design and low emissions. They are usually quieter and can move in tighter spaces, saving space and performing well in sometimes crowded and busy warehouses.

Outdoor forklifts are quite a different type of machine altogether. They are more robust and designed to work in rough terrain more effectively. They usually can carry heavier loads and are usually run on petrol or diesel. They are certainly resilient and built to beat tough weather conditions!

Depending on the task you need to undertake you should think carefully about what sort of forklift to invest in, as well as ongoing costs; for example, outdoor forklifts are built to withstand adverse weather and outdoor conditions, but as such are likely to need more maintenance checks than those indoors. Start with the task at hand to establish which forklift works best for you.

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