Avoid overloading your forklift

22 Jul by administrator

Avoid overloading your forklift

It’s easily done but highly dangerous – Overloading your forklift must be avoided at all costs. But why is it such an important thing to remember?

There’s a limit. Every forklift will have a limit on how much weight it can carry, this information will be readily available via the manufacturer. But it’s easy to forget what the limit is and when in busy times it can be tempting to add to the load a little bit more – but this can be highly dangerous. Overloaded forklifts can tip over and cause injuries.

Counterbalance forklifts are designed to ensure the back of the forklift is heavier at all times, keeping the wheels of the forklift firmly on the ground. If limits are not adhered to counterbalance forklifts can become unstable. The weight limit can also be different depending on the terrain.

How can you make sure the load is within your forklift’s limits? Make sure you check the weight of the load before you lift – you can usually find the weight via the labelling or by using a scale.

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