Conducting a thorough Forklift inspection

13 Oct by administrator

Conducting a thorough Forklift inspection

Forklifts are a vital component of any warehouse, without a doubt. Conducting regular and thorough forklift inspections can have a huge impact on your fleet effectiveness – here’s why and how.

Why bother? Forklift inspections are important because they save time and money in the long run. By checking your forklifts regularly, you can be sure your equipment is in good working order and quickly identify any required repairs early on before they become a more serious problem. A faulty forklift can be dangerous too – so inspect regularly to avoid damage or accidents.

When should I check my forklift? At the end of each shift, or at least daily, depending on whether or not the equipment is being used 24/7. Any inspections must be conducted by a qualified forklift driver.

What should I check for? Start by checking the outside of the forklift for any visible damage. Check tyre pressure and fluid levels are correct. You should also test the brakes, horn and any additional safety measures to ensure they are in full working order too.

Forklift maintenance is everyone’s business – make sure everyone is aware and informed to keep your forklift fleet in tip top shape!

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