Forklift Myths – Debunked!

20 Aug by administrator

Forklift Myths – Debunked!

Are you thinking of starting a forklift driving career but not sure where to start or if you qualify? There are some misconceptions about forklift driving – this blog aims to debunk them, so you know exactly what’s what when it comes to forklift operation.

Forklifts – just like driving a car? Definitely not! Yes, in general most cars and forklifts have four wheels, that’s about it when it comes to commonality! Forklifts are handled in a very different way to cars, and if forklifts aren’t driven correctly it can be incredibly dangerous for drivers and warehouse pedestrians alike.

Do you need a driving licence? No you don’t! In fact you don’t need a formal licence to drive a forklift, but you do need regular and up to training to ensure you operate your forklift safely.

Training to drive a forklift takes a long time. Again, not true. And here at The Forklift Truck Training Centre we provide flexible and affordable training for both new forklift drivers and those looking for a refresher course.

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