Forklift V Pedestrians: Keeping everyone safe

6 Mar by administrator

Forklift V Pedestrians: Keeping everyone safe

Warehouses are busy places! One thing is for sure; in any busy warehouse, you’ll find both forklifts and pedestrians – and when the two mix accidents can happen. It’s vital that everyone understands the importance of safety – so here’s our tips for making sure both forklift operators and pedestrians stay safe at all times.

Start with signs! Warning signs might not be noticed every time, but they do serve as a constant reminder of safety procedures and could jog someone’s memory at just the right time.

Keep forklifts and pedestrians apart. Not always possible or easy, but where you can create forklift only and pedestrian only spaces, or two tracks for both to use separately where possible.

Make some noise! Warning sounds and lights can provide an immediate visual reminder to keep safe and help team members to avoid numerous easily done accidents.

Make sure everyone knows everyone. Helping forklift operators and pedestrians to know one another and therefore be accountable for one another is incredibly helpful for forklift drivers to be aware of who they can see (and not, as the case may be) when they’re operating their equipment.

Stay safe!

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