Gas, Diesel or Electric Forklifts – which is best?

25 Feb by administrator

Gas, Diesel or Electric Forklifts – which is best?

Choosing a forklift and making the right decision for your organisation is vital. And with that comes the decision on fuel type and what works best for you. Gas, diesel and electric forklifts are all available on the market – but which one is best for your needs and for your organisation?

Gas – The great thing about gas powered forklifts is the flexibility. They can be used both indoor and outdoor and don’t require long periods of charging. They can be easier to manoeuvre and quieter when in use. However, whilst they can also be cheaper initially ongoing maintenance costs can be higher than other models, and can run out of gas without prior notice.

Diesel – Diesel forklifts are great for use outdoors, and are usually more powerful and can carry heavier loads than some other models. They are robust and again don’t require any charging. However, given the danger of fumes diesel forklifts are often not suitable for use indoors and can be noisier than other models. They are generally bigger than other models too, which can be a problem if storage is tight.

Electric – By far the most climate-friendly model of all forklifts! They are usually lighter and more compact, meaning they can be more nimble than other models. They can be easier to drive with fewer moving parts. However, they cam be expensive to purchase initially and of course require regular charging.

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