How can you choose the right forklift for your job?

21 Apr by administrator

How can you choose the right forklift for your job?

Forklifts come in all shapes and sizes – and all do very important and different jobs. As such, it’s vital you purchase the right model of forklift according to your needs – here’s what you should take into account.

Indoors or outdoors? Consider where you’ll be using your forklift. If indoors, a battery powered electric model is probably best, whereas outdoor forklifts tend to be more heavyweight and powered by a traditional combustion engine. These vehicles can give off dangerous fumes, which is why they aren’t suitable to be used indoors.

Check out the height. Forklifts all have different maximum heights based on model, so make sure you’re aware of what you need in terms of height before making a decision.

How many hours? With proper maintenance and care forklifts can be operable for years. Before making any purchase make sure you know how many hours a forklift has already performed and the lifespan of the model.

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