Is it time for your forklift to retire?

1 Jul by administrator

Is it time for your forklift to retire?

There’s never a good time to replace your forklift – but noticing the signs of when your forklift is on the way out could save you a lot of money in the long run. So how can you tell if it’s time to retire your forklift?

Is it maintenance or repair? Maintenance checks are incredibly important, and must happen regularly – but are those maintenance checks becoming less of a check and more of a chance to repair wear and tear on your forklift? It might be time to think about a replacement…

Are you losing money? It’s not just money lost on parts, it’s money lost on productivity – if the cost of your forklift is rising, it’s a good idea to think about a replacement before the cost outweighs the benefits.

Accidents. Are you finding there’s a steady increase in accidents or mistakes? A broken forklift can be the cause of rising mistakes. Replace your forklift before any serious mistakes or accidents happen.

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