Is your forklift fleet effective?

15 Apr by administrator

Is your forklift fleet effective?

Warehouse management is complex and pressured, and knowing that forklifts are a vital part of an effective warehouse means that any warehouse supervisor needs to make sure the fleet and forklift operators adhere to guidelines to make for a safe and productive environment. Here’s our top tips.

Start with training! Only trained operatives should be driving forklifts, and other employees should be trained in forklift safety. If you’re looking for a training partner you can trust, contact us today! We provide an affordable and flexible forklift training service, according to your needs.

Promote good maintenance. Forklift operators should be encouraged to maintain their vehicles each time they are used and should be able to notice when a forklift needs some care and attention.

Everyone must be safe. Make sure there are clear guidelines in place for safe use of forklifts and for those working around forklifts. Minimising forklift use is a good start. Make sure workers are wearing hi viz clothing and plan your warehouse so pedestrians can move around the space safely.

Remind and repeat! Remind the team of safety measures regularly and encourage the team to talk about safety and maintenance procedures, including to ask questions where they are unsure. Signage will act as a constant reminder too.

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