Make your daily forklift check count

3 Jun by administrator

Make your daily forklift check count

A daily forklift check is all well and good, but if your check isn’t up to scratch it’s not worth doing. Here’s our top tips for making sure your forklift check counts.

Make a physical checklist. Possibly an obvious point, but making a physical copy of your checklist is important for making sure every part of the check is remembered and conducted daily. Consider the process for your checklist – will it required sign off and recording?

Make sure your daily checklist properly prioritises each item for checking. Fuel checks and safety checks should be absolutely at the top of the list for each daily check.

Plan in spot checks alongside your regular daily checks. There will be checks that are required every now and then, but not daily – don’t forget spot checking alongside your regular daily checks.

Communicate around daily checks. Make sure everyone is aware of daily checks procedures and develop a culture of two way feedback when it comes to daily maintenance checks.

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