Make your forklift battery last

3 Oct by administrator

Make your forklift battery last

Forklifts continue to play a vital role in the supply chain, and it’s more important than ever that you keep your equipment in tip top condition. There’s nothing more frustrating that realising the battery on your forklift has gone – here’s our top tips for maximising your battery power.

Charge the battery daily. Make sure your forklift battery is charged fully at the end of each shift. If your forklift is rapidly losing power before the end of the shift, you’ll need to investigate it further. Don’t be tempted into quick charges during a shift – this will damage the battery efficiency. Ideally forklift batteries need around 8 hours charge time to remain effective for the long term.

Avoid rust build up. Rust can be hugely damaging you’re your forklift battery and ultimately your forklift as a whole. Make sure you charge the battery in a cool, dry place with plenty of ventilation to reduce the risk of rust.

Forklift maintenance is a must. There’s no excuse not to regularly check and maintain your forklift fleet to avoid problems in the future – by checking your vehicles regularly you can avoid bigger problems later down the line.

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