Prevent common forklift injuries – our top tips

16 Jan by administrator

Prevent common forklift injuries – our top tips

Unfortunately from time to time forklift drivers and colleagues can be injured during work – but the good news is, most forklift Injuries are completely preventable! Here’s the sort of injuries most common in forklift operation – and how to avoid them.

Injured pedestrians. Pedestrians can be a big hazard when operating forklifts, if either the driver or the pedestrian loses concentration for just a moment. The solution? Using both warning lights and sounds for moving equipment can make a huge difference, as well as designating pedestrian safe routes to move through the warehouse.

Musculoskeletal injuries. A multitude of injuries – sprains and strains can be long term, painful and disabling for forklift operators. It’s important to stretch thoroughly before drivers sit in their forklift and take regular breaks. Investing in products to improve posture could be hugely beneficial too.

Falls. So easily avoidable – No one should ever be permitted to stand on the forks of a vehicle themselves, and installing additional cameras and mirrors can hugely improve visibility to avoid mistakes.

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