Reduce Forklift Accidents Risks – our Top Tips

14 Nov by administrator

Reduce Forklift Accidents Risks – our Top Tips

A safe forklift operation is hugely important for the safety of all staff and to ensure your warehouse keeps operating efficiently – but mistakes are easy to make! Here’s our top tips for reducing the risk of accidents when operating forklifts.

Stay safe when mounting/dismounting. Steps on forklifts can be fairly small and can become worn down when in constant use – make sure you wear suitable footwear at all times and if the steps become too worn down to use safely consider replacing them.

Steady your load before you move. Take extra care to make sure the load is stable and secure before moving – and don’t try to steady the load during movement. If you have a problem whilst moving, stop safely and re steady the load.

Only operate the truck from inside. Don’t try to operate the forklift if you aren’t sitting in the designated drivers’ position, and once inside don’t lean or reach outside of the vehicle, in case it becomes unsteady.

Make sure everyone knows the rules! All staff should be fully aware of forklift safety; make sure staff are well briefed regularly on this and provide signs and guidelines as reminders.

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