Signs your forklift needs a service

1 Apr by administrator

Signs your forklift needs a service

Forklifts are a vital resource in any and every warehouse – and to keep them working effectively, it’s really important they are well looked after. Forklifts need regular servicing to keep them in tip top condition – but what are the tell-tale signs that your forklift is due a service?

Battery power. Is the battery draining to flat quicker than it used to? If the battery is struggling to hold charge it’s a sure sign that an inspection is due.

Leaks. A leak might not look particularly problematic to begin with, but it’s very important to get it checked out as soon as possible. Forklifts operate using a number of fluids and a long term leak could result in the engine seizing up without the vital lubricants it needs.

Check the forklift mast chains. If chains are rusty, bent out of shape or corroded it’s time to repair or replace them – if you don’t take action straight away, you’re risking the whole thing seizing up mid operation!

It can be temping to leave servicing for another day, but chances are you’ll regret it – so ensure time is allocated to make sure forklifts are kept in great working condition!

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