Three lessons for new Forklift Operators

7 Apr by administrator

Three lessons for new Forklift Operators

New forklift drivers – welcome to your new career! Forklift driving is rewarding and new drivers are in demand – but how can you be the best forklift driver you can be? Here are the three lessons you’ll need to take forward with you in your career.

Prevention is the right answer! Safety has to come first as forklift operator. It’s better to train well and adhere to all safety measures to prevent a dangerous accident or damage.

Always be open to new training. It may seem easy to operate a forklift after a while but never underestimate the benefits of ongoing training. Best practise can change in time and refresher courses will make sure you are on top of your game.

Protect your eyes and ears. Warehouses can be loud, busy places – and not only do you need good ear and eyesight for your work, you’ll want to make sure you protect your eyes and ears for later on in life too!

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