Top tips for keeping your forklift in perfect balance

29 Oct by administrator

Top tips for keeping your forklift in perfect balance

Forklifts are an incredibly important and useful addition to any warehouse – but not properly loaded they can be incredibly dangerous. It’s vital that you avoid forklift overturns at all times – here’s our top tips.

Plan your load. Don’t overload the forklift and make sure you load it with care, spreading the load evenly. Consider the nature of the load as well, whether or not the product you’re carrying is stable – if not, you may need to adjust your driving.

Think about the environment. Check the condition of the surfaces you’ll be driving on before setting off, and note any slopes or changes to the surfaces so you can adjust your driving accordingly.

Keep it smooth. Lower your forks when driving to increase your stability and drive slowly and smoothly – keep a consistent speed and react to turning corners early to avoid any mistakes caused by late reactions.

Be safe. Wear a seatbelt and adhere to all safety measures at all times – if you’re not sure what they are, make sure you do your homework!

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