Top tips for new forklift drivers

3 Dec by administrator

Top tips for new forklift drivers

New forklift drivers – welcome! Forklift drivers are well in demand these days, and there’s never been a better time to train up and start a new role – but it can be daunting. Here’s our top tips for starting your new forklift career the right way!

Ask questions! There are no stupid questions – in fact, the stupidest question is the one you don’t ask! All forklifts operate slightly differently, so if you’re not sure about a certain model, ask for clarification. Better that than causing damage or making a mistake!

Never forget about pedestrians. Easily done, but it’s vital to keep everyone safe in the warehouse – when you manoeuvre, be aware of people walking around you, and make sure you know exactly where pedestrian areas are in the warehouse before you set off.

Don’t underestimate forklift checks! It might seem a pointless exercise, but identifying faults early can save a lot of pain in the long run. So do your vehicle checks before you start!

Keep up to date with your training. Refresher training is vital to make sure you keep your skills top level. If you don’t get offered regular training, ask for it!

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