Do you need to invest in all-terrain forklifts?

We all know how crucial it is to pick the right type of forklift according to both our needs and the environment we work in. If your environment includes both indoor and outdoor space and the ground is uneven in vesting in an all-terrain forklift could make all the difference. Here’s why.

All-terrain forklifts are designed to operate in rough or rugged environments, like construction sites. They have specialised tyres and are built in a way to carry heavy loads across challenging terrain. Most all-terrain forklifts have diesel engines, giving them the extra power they need to navigate rough surfaces.

They operate in 4 wheel drive which in turn reduces wear and tear on the truck and tyres. All-terrain trucks have a higher ground clearance to ensure thy can easily navigate uneven surfaces and are designed to carry heavier loads than other forklifts. Some can carry 100,000 pounds over rough surfaces.

For full forklift efficiency, it is vital you pick the right vehicle according to your needs. Do your research and consider carefully the sort of typical tasks required from your forklift. Whilst an all-terrain forklift comes top when it comes to power, it won’t have the precision required in some warehouses either.

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