Short term or long term forklift rental – What’s right for you?

Given the changing needs of many warehouses, lots of organisations rent forklift trucks to provide more flexibility in the working environment. There are long term and short term rental options available when it comes to forklifts – but which option suits your needs the most?

Short term rental options provide the ultimate flexibility to your organisation. You also have more control over costs when it comes to forklifts, and the maintenance and repair needs of your truck are often the responsibility of the rental company, lowering costs for you. With short term rentals you can have access to newer models more quickly and you’ll have no concerns when it comes to depreciation of your forklift.

Longer term rental agreements provide you with more stability for sure. You’ll have access to the equipment over a longer period of time which can be more useful when planning workflows. You’re likely to pay lower monthly costs and have fewer administration needs when working long term with the same supplier. You’’ also be provided with full maintenance and support from your forklift provider.

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