Forklift checklist for warehouse supervisors

28 Nov by administrator

Forklift checklist for warehouse supervisors

Warehouse supervisors are busy – especially at Christmas time! With forklift operation being vital to the running of any successful warehouse, here’s a checklist of everything every warehouse supervisor needs to consider when it comes to forklift fleet management.

Start with training. Make sure all forklift drivers are trained in using and maintaining their equipment. Colleagues who aren’t operating forklifts should have up to date and regular training to ensure they remain safe around moving forklifts, including where the pedestrian zones start and finish.

Who’s operating your forklifts? At no time should anyone who doesn’t have up to date forklift training operate any forklift vehicles. All team members should know who can operate forklifts and who can’t.

Safety measures for forklift operators are a must. Operating a forklift is just the start – it’s vital that everyone is operating them safely too. Forklift operators should have regular training in safe loading, PPE and safe routes around the warehouse. Training must include reminders to use seat belts at all times, to prevent falls.

In addition, warehouse supervisors must ensure everyone is adhering to COVID-19 guidance, keeping everyone safe at all times.

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