How to fix common forklift problems

18 Sep by administrator

How to fix common forklift problems

Forklifts are a vital part of any warehouse – but when they go wrong, it can cause a lot of problems! Most problems with forklifts are easily fixed, if you know how. Here’s are some of the most common forklift faults, and how to fix them.

It won’t start! A common frustrating problem that feels like the end of the line – but not necessarily! It could be something as simple as a flat battery or a lack of fuel or coolant. Check before you despair!

It’s overheating! Again, a problem that can at first look like a huge problem, but in most cases it can be easily fixed. Make sure the forklift has plenty of coolant, check for any blockages and make sure the forklift is clean to avoid overheating. Also, is the thermostat working correctly?

It won’t lift! A vital job of any forklift – and before you panic, check the hydraulic fluid levels. There could be a leak causing the forklift to not have enough fluid to make the lift.

It’s not stable! The biggest culprit when it comes to a lack of stability is tyres 0 check for any worn tyres and replace them as soon as possible!

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