Is your team up to date with forklift training?

11 May by administrator

Is your team up to date with forklift training?

In busy warehouse environments training can be the last thing on everyone’s minds. However, it is vital that in a warehouse environment where using forklifts is necessary that forklift training is kept up to date. Here’s why.

There are several reasons why it’s important for forklift operators to have up to date training. Safety first and foremost requires periodic updates, plus forklift operators that are up to date with their training use their equipment effectively, ensuring full productivity and longevity for your forklift.

Forklift training is a basic requirement for those operating a forklift. Allowing workers to operate equipment with no or out of date training is hugely risky, to both your team and the organisation. Each country operates a different licensing or certification system for forklift driving too.

Generally speaking, forklift operators should update their training every 3-5 years – but that is just as a minimum. Equipment and standard practises are updated frequently, so it’s vital that your forklift training is kept up to date. So don’t delay, and book your forklift training session with us today!

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