Keep your forklift running smoothly

6 Aug by administrator

Keep your forklift running smoothly

In a busy warehouse environment, it’s important to keep your forklift fleet up and running. By conducting simple checks you can make sure you avoid most serious faults, which can cost your business time and money. So what should you be checking when it comes to your forklift?

Some checks should be conducted daily. Checking oil and fuel levels daily is basic but important. Again a quick check of the tyres to make sure they don’t have any damage can go a long way. Safety features such as brakes and lights can be checked as you go about your business.

Some of the more intrusive checks can be conducted weekly. Hydraulic and transmission oil levels must be checks and adjusted as necessary. Additionally, oil lines should be checked weekly for any leaks. It’s worth also remembering to check the battery and power steering fluid level each week.

By conducting these simple checks each day and week, organisations can ensure that accidents are prevented and that forklifts work better for longer, saving a warehouse time and money.

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