Protect your warehouse against forklift damage

30 Apr by administrator

Protect your warehouse against forklift damage

For many warehouses, forklifts are essential tools in moving goods quickly and efficiently. However, as powerful and heavy machines they can cause a lot of damage if the right precautions aren’t taken – here’s how to protect your warehouse from forklift wear and tear.

Invest in column and post protectors. It’s really as simple as that – make sure your shelving units and any internal posts are well protected from a direct hit from a forklift. Continued damage to the storage racks or internal posts can cause serious problems if not resolved.

Wire decks are a must. A wire deck has lots of benefits, including providing a better view of upper levels in a pallet rack, and protecting workers from falling items more effectively. With a better view, forklift drivers can operate their equipment more effectively and avoid mistakes.

Invest in bollards and guards. If you’ve got expensive or important equipment at risk from a forklift collision, use bollards and guards as a first line defence against a crash.

Plan your routes! If possible, indicating separate areas where forklifts and people can go, away from one another, will make avoiding accidents and forklift damage much easier.

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