Top tips for material handling

6 Aug by administrator

Top tips for material handling

Forklifts do a lot of the heavy lifting for us, which is great – but at times, when we’re busy, we can forget the basics of materials handling. Not adhering to the basics when it comes to materials handling can be incredibly dangerous – here’s a reminder to make sure you can avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Think about your posture. Make sure you are stood on solid even ground when lifting, and don’t lift anything whilst seated.

Plan your lift. Think about the lift before you attempt it, including where the materials need to end up. Don’t lift anything over any obstacles, don’t make any sudden movements and think about the size of the load and whether or not it needs to be reduced.

Use equipment where required. Don’t try to take any shortcuts – forklifts and other equipment are provided for a reason! Use the appropriate equipment for the job.

Ask for help! It sounds very simple but it’s easy to resist asking for help, even when it could make your life a lot easier. If you need help from your colleagues, just ask! Everyone should feel comfortable to ask for support.

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