Why must we repeat forklift training?

23 Mar by administrator

Why must we repeat forklift training?

We all know the importance of training – but re-taking or repeating training already completed can sometimes feel unnecessary. But this is far from the truth – there are many good reasons to repeat and continue training in your chosen field, particularly as a forklift driver. Here’s why.

Strong skills development and new ideas. Whilst we can learn something once, repeating or re-learning can improve our performance and efficiency of our work, which is incredibly important for keeping those in the warehouse safe. Continued training can also spark new ideas and provide up to date legislation, should best practise be improved over time.

Improvement in productivity. Continuously investing in training for forklift drivers and their training transforms productivity and leaves the team feeling valued and well prepped for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Refresh important skills. In a busy warehouse, it’s easy to forget the basics of safety and operation – but doing so can be incredibly dangerous. By continuously offering refresher sessions the warehouse and everyone working in it will be safer – and safety measures will become second nature.

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